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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kieran's story

Note from Mrs M...
Today's lesson was about using the spellcheck in Appleworks for the 2nd time, and copying and pasting the stories to the blog. Keiran had his story ready for copying and printing for display and his writing folder. Both blogger and our printer were playing up in school today so I promised him that I'd publish for him tonight, which will explain the time on the posting.

Me and my bear Broxy went to A'Chleit and we went on the bus. And we went with Tighnabruaich School Primary 1'2'3 and we all took our teddy to the picnic. We had a sand castle competition and a treasure hunt and I was with my friend Chrisopher and Scott. I brought some cake and we had a good picnic. I ha d a good time. My Broxy bear is a really big bear. He is at my chest and my little Broxy is up to his legs and my even smaller bear is up to his paws. The bus came back to pick us up and we all come back on the bus and we all sang the wheels on the bus. We all had a good time there. We were glad to come home but I didn't really want to come home and the teddies were happy to come home because they were tired. When I got home all my Broxy's played the psp and we played number's up and fefa street football.


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