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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Monday, July 31, 2006

Campbell Bear and the Campbeltown Pipe Band!

The Campbeltown Pipe Band were playing at the Garden Open Day, and look who tagged along! What will he be up to next? Mrs M

Mrs Moffat,

Here are the photos of campbell bear with me at Kildalloig Farm


Thursday, July 27, 2006

You might like to see some of the things we've been doing.

Over 2000 now!

From Lanzarote..wow

Hello Mrs Moffat

Ross, myself, his mum and granny are all on holiday in Lanzarote just now. He thinks Kyle has Campbell but Kyle was possibly going to Inverness for some of the holidays. It is possible Andrew McCallum has Campbell Bear. Cheers for now.

John J Sloey

Mrs Moffat,

Tayler has just left Campbell bear at my house tonight and he is at the sleepover with Rachael, Claire and me. i hope that you are having a good holiday. When and where does Campbell bear go to next?


Tayler and Campbell have been busy.

Hi Mrs Moffat,
Sorry for the delay, Our computer hasn't been on for a couple of days, been too busy globe trotting!
Campbell has been very busy during his stay with me. We went camping one night at "Point Sands" near Taylinloan, he had his tea with us in Tarbert and we finished off the day with a lovely big ice-cream. He's also been to Carradale for a picnic in the park and met some horses, Campbell wasn't too sure of them, they were a bit big! With all this good weather he hasn't been feeling like eating, but has been drinking plenty! Campbell has been sent on his way to Campbell O'May today. I'm off to Fort William for my camping holiday. Hope you are enjoying your hols and I'll see you in a couple of weeks!

Tarra Mrs M

Tayler x

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Only 4 hits away from 2000.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A message from Kyle

Hi Mrs Moffat,

I would be sending a photo of Morgan, but my Mum and I can't seem to get the camera up and running at the moment, I will send one later for you, she's a wee bit grumpy just now and I was wanting to pick her up but my Mum says this will spoil her, she's normally quite good though, and hasn't kept me awake at all because I'm at the other end of the house (peace for me anyway).

Last time I knew about Campbell bear, he was at Taylor's house, I have no idea who he gave him to. If I hear anything about him, I'll keep you posted.

I was camping in Ghia last Saturday night, there had been a raft race on during the day, and later on that night, there was a ceilidh on, it was great fun. I was on one of the rafts, I drifted away out to sea but the winners of the raft race were with me, so I was ok. I was also snorkelling, I saw flat fish and shrimps but they were swimming too fast for me so I couldn't catch them for our dinner, just as well there was a bbq on or we would have starved!

In 3 days time I`m going to fly to Glasgow on my own to meet my Dad and my other wee sister Sophie and my step mum, Sharon, then Dad said it's a surprise where I'm going after that, but I'll end back up in Inverness toward the end of the summer hols. I've been a great time so far, out playing lots and today I'm going to Joseph's party, he is 8 today.

I hope that you are having a good summer break and not working too hard.

If I hear about Campbell bear, I'll let you know and later I'll try and send you a wee photo of Morgan.

Bye for now.


Monday, July 17, 2006

A holiday message from Andrew

Hi Mrs Moffat its Andrew here I had a good time at Seton Sands I had fun
playing at ten pin bowling. We went on the open top bus round Edinburgh. It
was a double decker and we sat up the top!Dynamic Earth was good fun, there
is a real iceberg and it was huge and freezing to touch.Dad took me to the
driving range and we hit 50 golf balls because I got a new golf club for
part of my birthday.I was at my first golf competition yesterday, it was a
putting competition and I was the youngest there but I won it and was very
happy. Mum says Dad will have to move his trophys for golf because I might
get some!Campbell bear has been playing football and basketball with me
outside and he had good fun. He is sleeping just now because he is hot with
all his fur. I think he is enjoying the holidays. I am! I hope you are too.
Bye bye, from Andrew.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Campbell and Campbell

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Monday, July 03, 2006

CalMag article

This is the article that Owen and Samuel wrote for CalMag- the magazine for employees of CalMac. We are looking forward to seeing the article in print. Well done boys- a great bit of journalism!

Tighnabruaich P123 class teddy Spencer, has been to Campbeltown. He went to Castlehill Primary 3. He went with our teacher Mrs Macdonald, on the Portavadie Ferry to Tarbert and got to drive it. Mrs Macdonald took Campbell the Castlehill Bear back to us in Tighnabruaich. We took Spencer and Campbell home and took photographs of them. When it was Owen’s birthday he took Campbell to Fun World. They went down the big blue slide that had bumps.
Tighnabruaich Primary 1,2,3 and Castlehill P3’s have got a blog. A blog is an internet diary. The blog gives kids great computer skills. We have learned how to send comments, type things and use a digital camera. We started on the 11th of March. Now more than 1,600 people have looked at it. It will go on for ever and ever.
Campbell went to Millcroft Lavender with Samuel. He bought a bunch of lavender soap and got to meet a lavender bear. Everyone in our class has looked after Campbell.
On Friday the 26th of May we went on a school trip to A’Chleit Beach on Kintyre. We went over on the Tarbert Ferry from Portavadie. We saw a yacht race. We had a sandcastle building competition and a treasure hunt with the Castlehill P3’s. Our teddy bears came too. We had chocolate cake and marshmallow hats and crispies at the picnic.

Everyone had a great time and Campbell and Spencer are now back in their own schools after having a wonderful visit. To find out more look at www.talkingteds.blogspot.com

By Owen Grant and Samuel Lindsay
P3 Tighnabruaich Primary School

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Primary 3 awards in Castlehill

We had a surprise trip(for your class at least) on Wednesday because of your good work and wonderful homework projects that most of you brought in about places that had hit on the blog,and you had been such superstars, Miss Littleson decided you were due an extra treat, and I agreed, so on Wednesday, we had a lovely time in Southend. We had ice cream and chocolate cake at Muneroy tearoom. We went to Columba's footprint, Keil caves, saw and talked about Dunaverty Rock and the event that happened there. Wow! You remembered from our Knights and Castles project! The best bit happened when Jamie asked me at every stop.'Are you still enjoying yourself Mrs Moffat?' and I could answer truthfully. 'Yes' You all behaved very well and that makes it really good for your teacher. There have been over a thousand pictures taken. Video and sound from our directors and camerapeople was piling up before the holidays, since it wouldn't work in school, so I'll try to get it here so you can see it. I am looking forward to hearing what you are doing on your holidays and where Campbell bear is going. I am really pleased that you liked your certificates. Well done and keep it up!