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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Monday, April 17, 2006

Campbell had Spencer at his caravan.

Campbell (not the bear) emailed these pictures.

Mrs Moffat,

here are the photos of spencers trip to my house



  • Well done Campbell. I look forward to hearing all about the pictures.

    By Blogger Mrs Moffat, at 10:34 pm  

  • Did he have a good time Campbell ? I like the photos :-).Joseph.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:22 pm  

  • Well done to Joseph too. Now to not be an anonymous person...you have to go a wee bit further. You do the first stage of getting a blog and get Mum or Dad to sign up...and that gives you a blogger account, then you stop at the next stage, which is to actually create a blog. Thanks for trying today.

    By Blogger Mrs Moffat, at 9:36 pm  

  • it was fun on the jcb at the caravan

    By Blogger campbell, at 8:25 pm  

  • we had good fun at the caravan and we had a very busy day

    By Blogger campbell, at 8:27 pm  

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