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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It was Aimee's birthday.


  • I wonder which Brownies you went to visit - I know some Brownie leaders down your way. Did you play games and sing songs?

    By Anonymous Lynne, at 11:19 am  

  • What is Brownies like?
    What did Aimee get for her birthday?

    By Blogger TighnabruaichP123, at 11:27 am  

  • Brownies is like the scouts. I got a new bike. Aimee

    By Blogger Castlehill P3, at 12:03 pm  

  • Yes it was fun thank you lynne

    By Blogger Castlehill P3, at 4:26 pm  

  • hello, did you know that my name is also Amiee.But the way i spell my name is different.i spell it as Amy. it sound like teddy had a great adventure. i hope he injoyed the brownies.

    from Amy

    By Anonymous Amy, at 7:20 pm  

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