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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stuart was busy over the holidays.

Dear Mrs M,

Sorry it's taken so long to email you back but I've been very active over the holidays and have not been on the computer.
Over the holidays I went to athletics, soccer camp and went swimming a lot.
I also went camping in Fort William and climbed the highest mountain in Britain (Ben Nevis). I couldn't believe that there was snow at the very top, in the middle of summer. My sister and I had a snowball fight, I hit dad right on the nose with one. We had to walk for 8 and a half hours to get up and down, I think Campbell Bear would have had sore legs if he had been with us and made it to the top!

I had a birthday party with some freinds and we went to the pictures to see Garfield 2, It was a cool film.

Reading the blog Campbell has been very busy over the holidays, when he was with me at the start of the summer holidays we spent a lot of time riding my new bike and doing cool stunts at Lochgilpheads Fire Tower Trail it was insane.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays too.
I've attached some pictures of me climbing Ben Nevis.



  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Mrs Moffat, at 10:20 pm  

  • Thanks for remembering Stuart. Can hardly believe that snow, after such hot days this summer. Wonder where Campbell has gone now?

    By Blogger Mrs Moffat, at 10:23 pm  

  • WOW 8 and a half hours believe me i couldn't do that.I am on my holidays in Australia and i don't think there would be any snow up the mountains here.Bye for now.Kyle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:54 am  

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