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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Children move on.

Click on the box above for a link to the film the children made.

This teddy blog was done with last year's class who still retain an interest. So before the SETT conference I pulled out the camera and asked them what if anything, they learned from what we did. I have edited nothing. There was no script. They decided the order, and said what they did completely 'off the cuff'. Give the children the tools and they will produce the goods!!!!


  • I couldn't agree more. Pity it's taking the authority so long to realise the potential of all this. Brill film, brill kids. Well done!

    By Blogger Chris, at 4:45 pm  

  • Hi! We liked your site about Spenser so much that we have linked it onto our beary own Blog -- The Teddy Bear Journal!

    But, we've had your link for a while now, and still have hopes of the kids getting to have Spenser join other Internet smart teddy bears and stuffies from around the world. (The link to our site is in our signature, and the other teddy bloggers are on our list of links to the left of our entries. One of our teddy bear buddies even has his beary own message board, which can also be found in our links!)

    But, even though Spenser's kids have gone on to the next grade, we still wanted to send them a link to a story about another smart school, who is also using Teddy Bears to teach their kids. (We're not even on the same continent, so you know this is truly just to tell your kids about these other kids, since we all have something in common -- the love for Teddy Bears.) Here's the link to the article --

    As for us, if you want to bmail us, our addy and info is all on our Blog!

    Exciteddyily Yours,
    Teddy (whose enjoying his birthday today) and Spaulding
    Two Abearican Bears, who wish they could go to school, too!

    By Anonymous Teddy and Spaulding, at 6:42 pm  

  • Fantastic comments from the students.
    We also have a teddy bear blog at
    where each student has responsibilty for Terry or his sister Teresa and posts to the blog.

    I love the way you have used comic life, animations and movies

    Well done

    By Anonymous Mrs D, at 9:48 am  

  • well done-fabulous work!


    By Blogger Eileen, at 1:31 pm  

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