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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Monday, June 26, 2006

Talking Teddy Awards at Tighnabruaich

Friday, June 23, 2006

Kieran's story

Note from Mrs M...
Today's lesson was about using the spellcheck in Appleworks for the 2nd time, and copying and pasting the stories to the blog. Keiran had his story ready for copying and printing for display and his writing folder. Both blogger and our printer were playing up in school today so I promised him that I'd publish for him tonight, which will explain the time on the posting.

Me and my bear Broxy went to A'Chleit and we went on the bus. And we went with Tighnabruaich School Primary 1'2'3 and we all took our teddy to the picnic. We had a sand castle competition and a treasure hunt and I was with my friend Chrisopher and Scott. I brought some cake and we had a good picnic. I ha d a good time. My Broxy bear is a really big bear. He is at my chest and my little Broxy is up to his legs and my even smaller bear is up to his paws. The bus came back to pick us up and we all come back on the bus and we all sang the wheels on the bus. We all had a good time there. We were glad to come home but I didn't really want to come home and the teddies were happy to come home because they were tired. When I got home all my Broxy's played the psp and we played number's up and fefa street football.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


I loved the teddy bears picnic. First we went on the bus and finally we got to A’chleit beach. Then we went for a walk on the beach. While we were walking a bus stopped.It was the children from Tighabruich.and Campbell bear was there too. Later we went for a treasure hunt and we came back for a snack. After that we had a drawing competition but we dont know who won. Next we got our buckets and spades and we had a sand castle competition. When we came back we had teddy cakes then we packed up and went home. I know I loved the teddy bears picnic. I think my teddy enjoyed it too. Aimee


Teddy Bears picnic * * We got by bus we went A’Chleit with the people in Tighnabruaich it had rained.
We had cake and Gummy bears for lunch. I dint like when it rained. I met a boy callled Rory.
When it rained we went in the hall and had the competitions. It was excellent! Grant S.

Teddy Bear's picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic

We got there by bus. When we got there we had to go in the church because it was raining. At break I had a packet of animals and my bear’s name is Blue. I had a sandwich for my lunch. I had tomato cheese and gammon on it and then we had a treasure hunt and we did the sandcastle competition. The teddy bears sat on a blanket. Campbell was glad to be back and to meet Spencer. The weather was raining. Castlehill and the Tighnabruaich school children came too. it was fun, and I think the teddy bears enjoyed it too. Hopefully we can go back when it is nice.

Teddy Bears and picnic

Teddy Bears Picnic
What I did/I played a game of hat & ball it was a good game to play. We also had a treasure hunt we found everything but one thing. We had some cakes,jelly bears & chocolate crispy. I worked with Scott. For my lunch I got a roll with cheese in it. We had a sandcastle competition there were lots of good sandcastles’ but I don’t now who won. The weather was bad although it still was fun because we went in to the village hall but we still got outside to play. We saw some hens,ducks & a cockeral. It looked nice. We also saw some little chicks. I enjoyed making a sandcastle. It was great fun be there and playing with everyone. Later on we went back to school and waited on the bell ring & went home to get ready to go to another party.
Liam and Scott

The picnic

Teddy Bears picnic Christy

When the teddies went on their picnic they had a great
time. They loved the food it was yummy yummy in their
tummy. We had the picnic at A'Chleit. It was not a nice
day it was raining and pouring.We went down on the
beach and we played some games my favourite game was
the sand castle competition. It is a great competition.
We met up with the Tighuabruch children in
p 1,2 and 3 and Kyle and I met a boy named Kieran.
When it was raining and pouring we went into
the Church hall and when it was not raining and
pouring we went on to the beach to play.
What we had at the picnic was cake, juice, crispy cakes
and teddy biscuits. Granny brought some singing
teddys.They sing the teddy bears picnic. In the hall
we played hats and bowls.We also had a treasure hunt
Campbel and Spencer bear had a great time because
I think they would like to go another time cause I
would like to go another time.

Shannon's teddy Bear picnic

Teddy bear picnic
The teddy bears went to the picnic. I hope
they had a good time. My teddy's name is Sophie. The class and me were with the Tighnabruaich children primary 1’2’3 and Castlehill school primary 3. We left at 9:15 am to 3:00 pm but it was pouring and we went to A’ chleit beach and we went into the hall to have lunch.We could have gummybears, cake, bear biscuits marshmallow hats. Thats what items we had . We had sand castle competition
but we dont know who won it because Mrs Moffat has not told us yet.
But we had a good time to and we had a treasure hunt but Sarah fell in a rockpool. I did not. It rained but it got sunny,when we left. We got to the beach in the bus . I was happy because it was sunny and we had an excellent time . And we went back to school.


The day of the picnic.

The teddy bears picnic

On Friday we went to
A chleit beach for a picnic. And we went outside for a sandcastle competition. Later we went inside to have lunch and we went with Tighnabruaich school. We had cake gummy bears and bear biscuits and later it rained. So we put a mat on the ground and we put the teddy's round it. We gave them a snack. It was fun at the beach.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Didn't we have a lovely time!

The boys are back

I had a good time did you? Grant.M
I had a good time too. I wonder if Spencer is all right now. Will he miss us? Your best friend Campbell Bear.
I liked going on the picnic it was fun.I loved the gumy bears. Sarah W.
I enjoyed the teddy bear's picnic on Friday my favourite competition was the sand castle competition. Kyle and I met a boy
named Kieran. I also liked the drawing competition and the treasure
hunt.It was a very great picnic I loved the food as well it was yummy yummy in my tummy I enjoyed metting the Tighnabruaich children. Christy
I loved it at the teddy bear's picnic.and I am sure campbell bear &
Spencer bear had fun too.Aimee
It was very good fun at the tedy bear picnic.I liked all the sandcastels they were very good.Liam