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Interactive Chatting Teddies

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Children move on.

Click on the box above for a link to the film the children made.

This teddy blog was done with last year's class who still retain an interest. So before the SETT conference I pulled out the camera and asked them what if anything, they learned from what we did. I have edited nothing. There was no script. They decided the order, and said what they did completely 'off the cuff'. Give the children the tools and they will produce the goods!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Look who we met at SETT

Me and Spencer went to SETT with Mrs Moffat and Mrs Macdonald. We have told lots of people about our blog. This is a picture of us with Mr Muir, Ike's dad. We have met lots of lovely people and had loads of photos taken. Just off to explore the exhibition.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Stuart was busy over the holidays.

Dear Mrs M,

Sorry it's taken so long to email you back but I've been very active over the holidays and have not been on the computer.
Over the holidays I went to athletics, soccer camp and went swimming a lot.
I also went camping in Fort William and climbed the highest mountain in Britain (Ben Nevis). I couldn't believe that there was snow at the very top, in the middle of summer. My sister and I had a snowball fight, I hit dad right on the nose with one. We had to walk for 8 and a half hours to get up and down, I think Campbell Bear would have had sore legs if he had been with us and made it to the top!

I had a birthday party with some freinds and we went to the pictures to see Garfield 2, It was a cool film.

Reading the blog Campbell has been very busy over the holidays, when he was with me at the start of the summer holidays we spent a lot of time riding my new bike and doing cool stunts at Lochgilpheads Fire Tower Trail it was insane.

Hope you enjoyed your holidays too.
I've attached some pictures of me climbing Ben Nevis.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Spencer goes back to Campbeltown

Spencer got to visit with Mrs Moffat for 2 nights when Mrs Macdonald went to do some work about the blog. He met 2 new friends who were presents to Mrs Moffat from Maryann and Christy.
Spencer and Campbell will get to go to Glasgow to a big meeting for teacher's called SETT in September to tell them about their adventures.
How exciting!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Spencer goes to Blackpool

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Campbell Bear and the Campbeltown Pipe Band!

The Campbeltown Pipe Band were playing at the Garden Open Day, and look who tagged along! What will he be up to next? Mrs M

Mrs Moffat,

Here are the photos of campbell bear with me at Kildalloig Farm


Thursday, July 27, 2006

You might like to see some of the things we've been doing.

Over 2000 now!

From Lanzarote..wow

Hello Mrs Moffat

Ross, myself, his mum and granny are all on holiday in Lanzarote just now. He thinks Kyle has Campbell but Kyle was possibly going to Inverness for some of the holidays. It is possible Andrew McCallum has Campbell Bear. Cheers for now.

John J Sloey

Mrs Moffat,

Tayler has just left Campbell bear at my house tonight and he is at the sleepover with Rachael, Claire and me. i hope that you are having a good holiday. When and where does Campbell bear go to next?


Tayler and Campbell have been busy.

Hi Mrs Moffat,
Sorry for the delay, Our computer hasn't been on for a couple of days, been too busy globe trotting!
Campbell has been very busy during his stay with me. We went camping one night at "Point Sands" near Taylinloan, he had his tea with us in Tarbert and we finished off the day with a lovely big ice-cream. He's also been to Carradale for a picnic in the park and met some horses, Campbell wasn't too sure of them, they were a bit big! With all this good weather he hasn't been feeling like eating, but has been drinking plenty! Campbell has been sent on his way to Campbell O'May today. I'm off to Fort William for my camping holiday. Hope you are enjoying your hols and I'll see you in a couple of weeks!

Tarra Mrs M

Tayler x